New Frontier in Ultrafast Fiber Laser Performance


Ampliconyx offers a range of outperforming all-fiber ultra large mode area gain modules. Gain modules are incorporating company proprietary active tapered double clad fibers (T-DCF) for amplification of ultrashort optical pulses. There are polarization maintaining and random polarization versions gain modules.

Key features

  • Peak power over 1 MW
  • Strictly single mode operation with M2 < 1.3
  • High gain (30 – 50 dB)
  • High pump absorption (20 – 30 dB at 976 nm)
  • Required signal power as low as tens of milliwats
  • Low level of nonlinear effects
  • Millijoule-level extractable energy
  • High threshold of SBS
  • Immunity to mode instability
  • No free space pump required

TGModule A and TGModule A-PM

The module includes T-DCF with spliced pump combiner and angle cleaved end face.

TGModule B and TGModule B-PM

The module includes T-DCF with spliced pump combiner and fiber coupled water cooled multiplexer.

TGModule C and TGModule C-PM

T-DCF based water cooled gain module without pump diodes

TGModule C-PM Light

T-DCF based gain module without pump diodes and with water cooled multiplexer

TGModule D and TGModule D-PM

T-DCF based an all-in-one ready-to-use water cooled gain module including pump diodes