The new frontier in ultrafast fiber laser performance

"Our mission is to enable widespread of fiber laser based micromachining and material processing technology by providing cost-effective and highly performing source of ultrashort laser pulses"

Who we are?

Ampliconyx was founded in 2016 as spin-off from Optoelectronics Research Centre of Tampere University of Technology – the home of Finland’s photonics industry.

The company commercializes technology of active tapered double clad fibers (T-DCF) invented, patented and implemented by Dr. Valery Filippov and Prof. Yuri Chamorovski as a result of decade of research.

Tampere University Of Technology

One of the largest and most popular universities of applied sciences in Finland.

What we offer?

Ampliconyx offers range of T-DCF based gain modules and amplifiers ideally suited for amplification of ultrashort laser pulses, both nanosecond and picosecond, offering its customers unmatched performance from all fiber solution.

Worth to note that Ampliocnyx’s T-DCF based gain modules also find itself for amplification in CW fiber lasers.

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